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Why we open this page ?

This is our new website section to make you share both our discoveries and our customers’. This is a blog-made section (testimonials and photos).
When delivering our customers, we often drive through picturesque, nice places or sites we would like to share with you.
Renting cars is a job but we can also give you some tips about the different places we experienced for you to spend even better moments. We would be so delighted about it.
We also look forward to reading your own personal testimonials of wonderful places you’ve been to, for them to be published online (photos, texts). Of course, your request as for your identity or any other particular information will be respected in case you wish they should be kept secret.
For you to give us any information about your personal experience, story, visited sites, thank you to email your texts and photos to info@just4vip.com.
Before their publishing, you will be sent a blank page for you to allow or not, any part of your testimonial.
At any moment you are free to email us your intention not to be published.

Well, let’s put pen to paper and to your camera!

The result

Our experiences Your experiences
Trophes Andros by Olivier    
Camargues with Ferrari by Olivier    
Hotel Marseille by Olivier